Khazi India Foundation | Adoni Division

Course on spoken English

It has been our experience that imparting merely computer education does not qualify students for a suitable jobs in city until they have a confident on a spoken English for effective communication to demonstrate their technical competence. Keeping this in view we have specially designed a spoken English course which is part and parcel of the computer education at the institute. This no doubt brings value addition to computer education process.

Earn while you learn

After successful completion of the respective programs students have a options if they so desires to opt “earn while you learn program” in Data Entry, Call Centre, Data Mining, DTP and allied programming assignments as and when they are offered.

The importance of computer in the field of education

In today's education the computer has become the new pencil and paper, text book and library.


The computer and its related technologies are now such an integral part of everyday life that it must be an ingredient in educating for participation in present and future society. For educators it is a tool for lesson preparation:

  • research information on any topic
  • find activities to print and use
  • gather ideas used by other teachers for presenting lessons
  • using word processing, page layout and presentation software to produce activity pages and audio/video lesson presentations

Computers mean instant access to information because they affect different aspects of people’s lives, homes and society. Computers have become an integral part of the education as they allow students and teachers access to information, show students real world, help in research projects, and prepare for their jobs.

Objective of courses

Make students Computer literate. Ensure students learn skills 'effectively' on Ms Windows and Ms Office, and Internet essentials which is a compulsory requirement in day-to-day activities.


The course we offer are the most basic component of visual computing - "The Operating System" and then proceed to teaching skills on MS Office and cover essential skills of Internet. To increase productivity we teach students how to create shortcuts to the programs used most often and tips on efficient use of MS Office programs.


The content and exercises in this course are customized for Corporates & Professionals depending on their specific requirements.

Who can join?

Anyone having been passed 10th examination and he or she having potentials of learning. The Khazi India Foundation | Adoni Division believes in equality and does not discriminate based on gender, caste or religion.


Every student are required to take prescribed examinations given date & time and secure minimum 50% marks on every subjects for qualifying for the institute’s own certification. They are periodical examinations both and theory and practicals.


Financial scholarships are available to the students. The eligibility for this scholarship is that students have to be from under privilege families. They must secure more than 70% marks in the first term exam. Students are also expected to submit documents indicating their parent’s income. Scholarship are in the form of financial assistants and or by wave off of the prescribed fee for the entire course or a financial loan to be repaid in 6 instalments after students getting suitable job. The award of the scholarships are at the sole discretion of the management.


  • Diploma in Computer Application
  • Course on Spoken English
  • Certificate in Computer Application
  • Computer for Toddlers
  • DTP Course
  • Tally Course
  • Web Design & Development

C.Mohammed Jamsheed [Coordinator] C.Mohammed Jamsheed is a leading programming language faculty having 10+ years of rich experience in teaching and 2 years of experience in oracle database design and web development. He is a Java Programmer with an experimental teaching and Mentoring.


His Specialty is discussing the subject rather than educating, he believes discussion makes students the best developers where as teaching makes students good viewers not developers. His aim is to give quality, efficient, experienced students to Society with full of practical knowledge.