Education for Economically Backward Children

Knowledge occupies a significant position in our agenda. Therefore humble efforts have been made by establishing Khazi Khader Moinuddin knowledge centre.

Keeping in view of the importance of the education amongst the socially & economically backward children as well as to impart good values for being socially conscious citizens a humble initiative has been made to provide the quality education.

If the child cannot go to school for any reasons what so ever, we decided that a modest school to be setup within their corridors. The Knowledge centre is functioning for last two years in one such corridor and has attracted the children from socially and economically backward classes. The future of our country depends upon the children of today. The aim of our centre is that the parents and guardians to understand the value of education and send their children to schools rather than making their child to work with him/her as a labourer.

The role of our knowledge centre is not only limited to the spreading literacy, Islamic studies but also compose social and academic fields including imparting the values, etiquettes, communal harmony and leadership qualities.

Hafiz K Mohammed Nizamuddin Hafiz K Mohammed Nizamuddin is in charge of knowledge centre. A maiden initiative for catering to the elementary education needs amongst socially and economically backward section. Hafiz Nizamuddin carries with him the rich experience of teaching the elementary students including the reading of Quran. His skills for imparting the education for basic etiquettes and values are well respected.
Hafiz Nizamuddin apart from being Hafiz of Quran he is professionally qualified for teaching and holds Diploma in Education, MA