Operational Canvas for the office of the Khazi Adoni includes one of the most respected and reputed not-for-profit Institute for Computer Application, the “Khazi India Foundation | Adoni Division” accredited by International Accreditation Organization.

Marriage Counseling platform efficiently provides counseling sessions to disturbed marriages in a professional manner using the Quran and the Sunnah as guidance.

Marriage Record Programmer software program to maintain the marriage records in a more efficient manner.

INDIAN NIKAH.COM not for profit platform dedicated to delivering a 100% free marriage service.

Facilitation Services on Government Schemes where we have initiated the facilitation process to simplify the applicant’s initiatives with inputs from experts.

Education for Economically Backward Children a humble initiative has been made to provide quality education by setting up moderate schools.

Academic Excellence Awards recognize academic excellence and stimulate competitive temperament.

Mushaira promotes interest towards Urdu among youths and is conducted once in two months.