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Welcome to, not for profit platform specially crafted to make the information about the Muslim Marriage Alliances accessible in the most simplified and user friendly manner. It is a project ventured to erase the worries and difficulties of the parents by identifying of the acceptable Marriage Alliances to their children.

Keeping in view of the accessibility of internet one does not need to stay limited to a close circle, the database of large number of people will help in exploring opportunities. aims to bring two families closer for better understanding and analysis which could leads to a constructive decision.

With user friendly simplified process, registration and responses alert, secured data, affiliated counseling centre, not for profit platform, wider coverage and total confidentiality, could be one of the most dependable platform for your matrimonial needs. invites likeminded friends and colleagues to join this mission by promoting this platform amongst the community. Such colleagues who are interested to contribute their talents, time and contacts by establishing a counseling centre of in villages, towns & cities across India are requested to contact the administrator to take this mission to the next level.

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