2nd Khazi Khader Mohiuddin Mushaira held on Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at Adoni

This is a platform that strengthens the belief about survival of language as sweet as Urdu and the charm of Urdu Shaayri. Keeping in view of the lack of interest in Urdu literature in particular and Urdu language in general we are making our sincere efforts that the fragrance of Urdu could be made known to the younger generations.

Adoni for the years has been one of the most famous destinations for Mushairas. Some of the very well known poets of the country have graced with their presence at Adoni. The residence of Khazi Khader Moinuddin was indeed a meeting point for country’s legends in the Urdu Shaayri. Adoni continues to have some of the most promising Urdu poets. There has been a long felt need to have structured regular Mushairas, This platform could probably fill the vacuum.

By promoting Mushairas we intend to promote Urdu which ultimately promotes our culture, traditions and values. More details about Mushairas are available with the coordinator from the office of Khazi Altaf Hussain, Khazi Building, Khazi Pura, Adoni - 518301.Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh.